This website was once used by the students in Mr. Stolze's classes at Canyon Middle School in Yucaipa, California from 2000 to 2004.  Students were able to check grades, see student work, answer the extra credit Question of the Week, leave messages in the guestbook, and a whole lot more.  Life moves on, as the message below explains, and this version of StolzeWorld is no longer in use.

Effective the summer of 2007, StolzeWorld has moved to a new home.
Log onto the new site at:

Here you can see what Mr. Stolze is up to now.
However, if you'd just like to contact Mr. Stolze via e-mail
or see the old guestbook, those features still function below.

in case you haven't already heard
I was officially announced as the new assistant principal of Canyon 
and Wildwood on July 20, 2004.  In June 2006, I was named principal of
Wildwood Elementary.  Of course, this has meant big changes
for me and this website.  As an administrator, my job is much different
from what it was as a teacher.  There are some pluses and minuses
to being an administrator, but I enjoy it.  Though I miss teaching -- and
perhaps one day my flags and I will return to the classroom -- now I am
able to work with kids and their families in a different way.
One change is the nature of this website.  Without weekly
grades and assignments (and the like) to keep it alive, the site
has lost its primary purpose.  Plus, with the rapid changes in
web technology, it has effectively become obsolete.  I encourage you
to check out my new site if you are so inclined.  Either way, this site
was officially retired, with 19,734 hits, on July 7, 2007.


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This website was first created in April 1999, with numerous updates and revisions.  The site went on hiatus in June 2005, and this version of the site was retired in July 2007.  All original artwork, text, and documents may only be used with the written permission of Jim Stolze.  All student work and photos depicting students are used with their permission.  If you would like your work and/or photos with your picture removed from this website, please e-mail me promptly so I can honor your request.